Wine Depot

Our Vision


Buyers and sellers directly

Connecting suppliers with buyers, without the unnecessary middle-men, paperwork and wasted administrative hours. Strengthening the bond between those who matter. 

A platform where producers can easily manage their brand, inventory, content and customer relationships.  A platform built to serve you. 

With no minimum order restrictions, the power and unmatched choices are in your hands. Immediately. 


Through a single platform

Technology that makes life effortless.  One intuitive platform. Thousands of interesting brands and products. A single order, and a single invoice. All flowing easily between your existing technologies. As it should. 

We’re integrating the entire wine supply chain with APIs that will bring unparalleled levels of automation, transparency and reporting. 

And we won’t rest. We’ll continue to develop smarter tools until we overcome every inefficiency standing in the way of success for you and your business. 


A smarter and faster logistics solution

What’s the point of making it easy to place an order, if it comes in multiple deliveries or takes days to arrive? Particularly with fine wine which needs to be handled correctly. 

With Australia’s first national, temperature-controlled 3PL solution especially designed for wine — we’re determined to never again see a spoiled pour. 

It doesn’t stop there. With mixed case deliveries, across multiple suppliers to end consumers — we’ve opened up new channels for suppliers and retailers to let it flow. 

Fairer for all

By sharing the values released

Our ‘save through scale’ policy reduces the cost of doing business for everyone, putting more profit back in the right pockets. 

We’re helping trade buyers manage their cash flow with Australia’s first  ‘buy now pay later’ offering for the food and beverage industry. 

In the old world, it could take up to 90  days for producers to get paid. So we built our ‘7 day – producers get paid promise’ by partnering with an innovative credit provider.

Meet the team

Our Tech Partners


Innovative, intuitive and unified 'Post Bottle' DTC software solution designed specifically for wineries across Australia and New Zealand.


With built-in mobile POS, eCommerce, Wine Clubs, CRM and more, it helps wineries increase repeat business and grow direct-to-consumer wine sales.


An integrated winery management software that frees up time so wineries can do what they do best: delight customers with great wine in their tasting rooms and beyond.


Subscription management tool for direct-to-consumer sales in the wine industry that maximises profit through distribution channel optimisation and adjusts to digital customer solutions.

Let drinks flow.

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