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WINEDEPOT’s intelligent API drastically improved Primo Estate’s productivity 

3 key service benefits of WINEDEPOT

Family owned winery Primo Estate (est. 1979) based in South Australia’s beautiful McLaren Vale are renowned for their olive oils and unique wines that reflect their Italian heritage. 

The Estate’s revolutionary approach to winemaking gave them a reputation as one of the world’s truly unique winemaking operations, combining modern Australian know-how with old-school Italian winemaking heritage. They were one of the first Australian olive oil producers to put extra virgin olive oil in a bottle, and over the years Primo Estate’s cold pressed and first run olive oils have been acclaimed by chefs and gourmets, while the wines have received similar praise.

Matteo Grilli, Primo Estate’s General Manager sat down with WINEDEPOT for a chat about how the service has drastically improved their operations. 

He shares, “WINEDEPOT is a great idea for a service that addressed a problem that has existed for us for a really long time.” 

“We’re a small, family run winery that sell mainly direct to people’s homes and the longstanding issue in Australia has been that it’s very hard for a small winery like us to coordinate a system that was able to improve upon on the base delivery window that Australia Post gave and the rates that go standard with it. This is at the core of what WINEDEPOT are trying to solve and that’s why we’ve come on board.”

 “The potential impact for WINEDEPOT is vast due to three key service elements. Number one, most important, is the added customer service of vastly improved delivery times. If people are confident knowing they can order on Monday and receive their delivery on Wednesday, they’re far more likely to order. Every bit of research we do shows that.”

“The second one element is reduced shipping and storage costs. It can be really worth our while to ship a case of wine from where the winery is in McLaren Vale to Adelaide metro for example, but that starts to water down with shipping as far as Brisbane and beyond. There’s a real efficiiency for us in having stock at the depot. There is a cost saving for us there.” 

“Third is the management efficiency. The WINEDEPOT Application Programming Interface (API) seamlessly integrated into our customer relationship management system (CRM). This removed a lot of the back-end tedium of having to enter orders manually and the potential for errors that are associated with that.

The way the API was setup for us has provided a solution for the of transfer of orders. We previously had someone getting up every morning at 8am and downloading the spreadsheets with our orders from the day before, with everything then uploaded manually the next day for the warehouse’s system – neither time or cost efficient. The way it’s set up now, this happens automatically. It also means the orders are placed right away, so if you order in the afternoon, it will reach the warehouse that afternoon rather than the next morning.” 

“The shipping direct has been such a journey for us, because like I said we’re a small winery and a small team but we ship to a lot to people’s homes. At the end of the day before WINEDEPOT came on board we were shipping and packing it all ourselves – everyone was involved in the packing process from winemaker to general manager because that was the sheer volume.

With direct to consumer orders accounting for around 50% of our sales, during Coronavirus closures, this increased significantly. There are so many more people engaging online, including people who haven’t tried our wines before – so between the increased volume and the reduced interstate shipping and handling costs, we joined WINEDEPOT at the perfect time.”

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