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Key Benefits of WINEDEPOT: Helping Grow My Business From Anywhere Globally

Wine export consultant turned winemaker Matt Herde is bringing his own unique flavour to the art of winemaking, launching the Rogue Vintner label – a playful, mischievous and non-conformist take on wine. Herde began his wine career after studying wine marketing at 17 and hasn’t looked back since, launching his export consulting business five years ago.

He shares “I’d always thought about creating a wine brand eventually, so launched the Rogue Vintner nearly two years ago, but with a very soft start. It’s a fun project of mine that one day may become a bigger part of my business.” 

Typically travelling 4-5 times a year for significant periods, COVID-19 gave Herde the chance to reinvigorate his wine brand, turning his focus to a website refresh that would be optimised and ready to support sales beyond family and friends and a marketing push in Australia. 

“For want of a better phrase, like many I’ve had to ‘pivot’ during COVID-19, with export markets being impacted globally. I’ve launched my brand in the US, but the pandemic made me realise I need to develop a market here as well.” 

Moving over to WINEDEPOT right at the start when Coronavirus hit was part of a strategic, long-term plan.

“I moved all of my stock into their bulk warehouse in Adelaide from another warehouse, as they offered a very competitive bulk storage rate. That was one of the reasons I made the move. The other was the increased online capabilities moving forward, particularly when I’m travelling again. If I’m in China or the UK and have orders flowing in, I can easily log on to WINEDEPOT’S system, upload orders from a hotel room on the other side of the globe at night and know everything will be taken care of. As a one-man-band and small business wearing many hats, that offer was very attractive.”

“I love that WINEDEPOT offers the flexibility for kit cases, so whether you want to include a flyer or hat or other merchandise, WINEDEPOT has been set up to support this. I’m also offering a 15-pack which as far as I’m aware no one else is doing, so it will be a get 3-bottles free deal. WINEDEPOT allows for these unique packing options that weren’t available to me previously.” 

“The other thing I’m looking forward to is the direct-to-trade or B2B marketplace WINEDEPOT is launching later this year. As a small business I don’t yet have an active distribution network, so to have a platform that can open the door many accounts around Australia is a very appealing prospect.” 

Overall, he shares, partnering with WINEDEPOT was in preparation for growth. “The Direct-To-Consumer part was definitely a key consideration. If I’m going to be pushing hard in that area I need to have the capabilities to deliver at scale, as opposed to packing the occasional case at home. Ultimately you want the consumer experience to be a good one and for the consumer to receive their goods quickly.” 

“My core business is elsewhere, so I need to be careful with my time. This will help things run pretty seamlessly!” 

Kicking off with a 2-pack ‘temptation duo’ the Rogue Vintner is preparing for an unconventional re-launch down under in unprecedented times. 

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