Wine Depot

WINEDEPOT helps reduce our carbon footprint while speeding up deliveries. 

Koonara Estate – Nicole Reschke shares why the family-owned winery chose WINEDEPOT.

The Reschke family has lived in Coonawarra for over 100 years. First running a cattle stud, then later venturing into wine. Wine has been their passion since 1988. The land chosen for the vineyards was carefully selected out of the 3,000 acres available on the property in Coonawarra. They believe quality is paramount in creating a wine which is not only good but consistent and age-worthy each year. 

The family-owned winery run a skeleton team who were managing all direct-to-consumer orders themselves, from picking & packing to arranging eParcel deliveries. As COVID-19 saw a huge increase in direct-to-consumer sales, they reached out to WINEDEPOT to improve their efficiencies and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time. 

“With the growth in direct-to-consumer, it became quite a labour-intensive operation getting our orders out and we thought our resources would be better utilised if we could outsource that component of the business. We thought it was a better carbon footprint as well, rather than our wine being stored in Adelaide then shipped back to Coonawarra before being shipped out to the customer,” says Nicole.  

Despite COVID-19’s impact on deliveries, Nicole shares that since working with WINEDEPOT orders have been delivered faster than previously. “We’ve had great feedback and the speed of deliveries has increased dramatically.” 

Timing was perfect as well, with the direct-to-consumer component of their business increasing significantly with COVID-19. “Direct-to-consumer has become a bigger part of our market, and we’d like to hold onto this. We were fortunate that this essentially replaced our wholesale market in April and May. Prior to COVID-19 direct-to-consumer sales represented maybe 10-15% of our business, and since has been up to 50% of our business.” 

The biggest benefit, she shares, however has been the utilisation of human resources. Rather than under-employing people and having their lean team picking and packing the influx of orders, they’ve been able to upskill and redeploy their staff into more skilled areas that will bring greater long-term returns to the business. 

“I believe great customer service is what will help us retain that so it’s great to be able to outsource other areas of the business and focus on our relationship with our customers.” 

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