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Silver Lining Wine for Parkinson’s Research

Silver Lining Wines
Silver Lining Wines

Adelaide Hill’s vigneron Marty Edwards launched his new label ‘Silver Lining Wine’ on July 1st, a label designed to support Parkinson’s Disease research with a percentage of profits. 

The brand will consist of three varietals all from the 2020 vintage; A Sauvignon Blanc sourced from Hahndorf, Chardonnay from Macclesfield and a Shiraz from both Echunga and Macclesfield. 

Speaking with Marty about his involvement with WINEDEPOT, he shares. 

“My family started The Lane vineyard out of Hahndorf in 1993. I joined as the vineyard manager in January 2001 and we went from being just a vineyard to a winery, an award-winning restaurant and the whole 9 yards. I left there in September last year after 19 years. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I had a deep brain stimulation operation in 2018. In the 3 months following where I couldn’t do very much – I couldn’t work, couldn’t drive, not do anything. It gave me a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do, and what I wanted to do was help these people who are on this journey like me. I knew The Lane wouldn’t be the vehicle for that, so I registered Silver Lining, with the goal of producing a wine label where some of the proceeds could give back to and support research for Parkinson’s Disease. At the moment 1 in 8 people are mis-diagnosed initially, something I’d love to see change.” 

WINEDEPOT had been referred to me a couple of times before I realised I knew someone working there so we had a chat and I realised this was the solution I needed.” 

“I can load orders from anywhere at any time. My daughter lives with her mum in the UK and I’ll be launching the brand there in September. I am planning to head over there if it is possible (depending on Coronavirus limitations), so the ability to process orders and meet people’s expectations remotely via a one-stop-shop is hands down the best scenario for me!” 

“Without WINEDEPOT, there would be many roles to fill, which isn’t necessarily feasible for a small production label like this. We’d need someone packing the wine, then organising couriers or Australia Post to pick it up which they do maybe once or twice a week, have people on site all the time. With WINEDEPOT can download orders any time of day on my phone, knowing they’ll be fulfilled the very next day. You’re also not paying an exorbitant price to have wine sitting in their warehouse, like other storage solutions.” 

To purchase products, visit: Silver Lining Wine