Unexpected Benefits Of Delivery Speed

Josef Chromy share how partnering with WINEDEPOT has impacted their business

Josef Chromy OAM has been instrumental in the development of the Tasmanian food and wine industry, having owned and developed some of Tasmania’s leading wineries including Rochecombe (now Bay of Fires), Jansz, Heemskerk and Tamar Ridge.

At 76, when most people would be thinking about easing up, Joe launched Josef Chromy Wines in December 2007. In a very short period, Josef Chromy Wines amassed 14 trophies and 170 medals, making it one of the most successful launches in the history of the Tasmanian Wine Industry.

Like many, Covid-19 has forced the temporary closure of their cellar door for tastings as well as their on-site restaurant. In response, they’re now offering meal deliveries with paired wines, and are doing a cracking local trade.

For the foreseeable future, there will be a greater focus on online sales, with the winery already benefiting from some of the initial Covid-19 wine sales spikes.

“We saw a little bit of panic buying happening, particularly when the alcohol limitations started in some states,” shares Amy Russell, Wine Club and Marketing Manager for Josef Chromy Wines.

Signing with WINEDEPOT just months before Covid-19 hit, she says it has been a more strategic decision than first anticipated.

“Partnering with WINEDEPOT means we’ve avoided quite a few overheads,” she shares.

“Our business was at that threshold where we had to decide whether or not to invest in more storage and labour to satisfy growing demand, or to outsource the packing, storage, logistics, and admin to a third-party provider. WINEDEPOT came along at the perfect time, so we made the conscious decision to outsource and work with them, which has been fortuitous given the current climate.”

WINEDEPOT is going to be a lifesaver on our next wine club send out, with the transit times being heavily slowed by COVID-19. Out of Tasmania they are already adding 3-4 days in transit times, so by dispatching wines out of depots of the mainland we are avoiding a lot of that interference.”

“Sitting down here on an island, we have additional challenges trying to get freight off Tasmania, especially at critical times like Cyber Monday and Christmas. Now we have that little bit of an edge in terms of already having stock in market that we can quickly dispatch and distribute.”

“We’ve also been able to frame some marketing campaigns around that same-day delivery promise, for example, a campaign to our customers in Perth who wouldn’t expect same-day delivery from Tasmania.”

Delivery speed has also had some unexpected benefits according to Amy.

“We used to have an issue whereby the delay between processing a club order and the customer receiving it, resulted in people contacting us to have their orders changed, causing all sorts of administrative upheaval. Now we’re seeing those wines delivered so quickly that there isn’t that window of opportunity for them to change orders and add expense to the whole process.”

Visit: www.josefchromy.com.au

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