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Grape Expectations for the Uber-eats of Alcohol

Same-day delivery platform gives boutique producers a boost

11th March 2020 – Sydney, Australia – Disruptive Australian Vodka company Vodka+ has grown 400% since launching new same-day and next-day delivery options as a partner of WINEDEPOT Depot.

The Iconic Australian brand launched in 2015 addressing a clear gap in the market for alcoholic beverages that were low-calorie, gluten-free and sugar-free, catering to growing health trends from keto diets to calorie-counting.

While the healthier, alternative spirits startup has grown to a $3 million-dollar success, further growth has been stumped by retail.

“For four years now we’ve been locked out,” says Marko Pavasovic, co-founder and CEO of Vodka+. “With Wine Depot we have every chance to succeed as much as the big guys.”

Today, there are more than 300 distilleries and micro-breweries in Australia competing for shelf space in an industry monopolised by a handful of global players.

“There are so many emerging brands like us that are struggling to get into the retailers. It’s a hugely competitive space and even if you’re lucky enough to get into 400 independent liquor stores, that means 400 separate relationships and orders to manage.”

Demand existed – the brand amassing more than 20K followers on Instagram – however, marketing efforts were often wasted, driving customers to stores that had run out of stock.

“We tried online, but orders took several weeks. Going to the store has been the only last-minute option, which has been a limitation of the whole industry. That’s why WINEDEPOT is probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in Australian Alcohol.”

Founder and CEO of WINEDEPOT Dean Taylor, named one of the 50 Stars of Wine and TOP 50 People in Ecommerce, says “Combining the promise of immediacy with the magnitude of brands available, WINEDEPOT is disrupting Australia’s liquor industry, bringing ecommerce into the 21st century.”

“People don’t just want staple brands anymore, they want access to the craft beer they tried at a local brewery on the weekend.”

As the alcohol industry shifts towards boutique brands, online sales will become the norm.

Ecommerce is the ultimate goal for Vodka+ who cite ownership of traffic, customer details and building a loyal fan-base as some of the benefits.

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