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Flexibility and Breadth: Same-day metro delivery and the ability to send single bottles direct are a game-changer for Babo Wines. 

Back in 2009, Justin Bubb had spent almost a decade in Italy leading the transformation of the winemaking at famed winery, Castello di Gabbiano. He had seen enough during his time in Europe to identify an opportunity to bring great quality Italian wines back to Australia. Taking an Italian nickname for a tool that measures the Baumé (sugar) in grapes, BABO was born. 

Speaking with Simon McKeown from BABO wines on the decision to partner with WINEDEPOT, he shares that flexibility – particularly the ability to ship single bottles or 3-packs rather than 6, same-day service potential and consolidation of delivery services with consistent and competitive pricing across Australia were the biggest drawcards. 

“BABO Wines is a small business that has been operating for ten years with a strong presence in restaurants and bars. However, when you have a brand that’s strong in on-premise, you don’t really have a chance to tell your story. One of our focuses for the coming years is to increase the consumer-facing part of our business and increase our direct-to-consumer sales Australia wide.” 

“We’ve been looking at our business model and what we realised is that we needed flexibility in our partnerships. What we were finding was that a lot of the major distributor’s efficiencies were based on cases of wine. However, with customers wanting to order 6 different wines at a time, there was no consistency with pick pricing, whilst courier charges, especially outside of capital cities were exorbitant. It became a challenge to navigate this and our margins were being impacted.” 

“It was just by chance I stumbled across WINEDEPOT and looking at the website it appeared to solve a lot of the issues we were facing. One of our challenges has been getting people to commit to ordering a 6-bottle pack which was previously our minimum order.  We wanted to reduce that commitment for people who perhaps haven’t tried our wines before, so with WINEDEPOT the fact that we can do 3 bottle packs or process single bottle orders was very appealing. Also, just the breadth of services provided really appeals, we are a small winery, but we’re looking to grow.”

 “Same-day delivery in Melbourne and Sydney CBD when things normalise will be fantastic. We’ve also been using WINEDEPOT for a few trade customers which has been really useful.”

 “We’re looking at Sydney and Melbourne as initial direct-to-consumer markets we want to grow, particularly with the same-day delivery offer. As we grow and get a bigger customer base, we will add Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, it will be a bit of a game-changer.” 

“One of our initiatives has been ‘send a friend’. So, if you buy 6 wines from us today, you can nominate a friend who we will send a bottle to – which is a great way to help people connect especially for those in Victoria in isolation. Without WINEDEPOT, we would not have been able to consider this type of initiative”

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