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Boosting DTC sales with a flash sale

Ron Raymond, Head of Customer Success at WINEDEPOT shares some simple tips to run flash sale.

A flash sale is type of sales campaign you can run when you have an online store. A flash sale includes a discount/special offer and is only available as a limited time offer.

If you have wines that have not sold as well as you had hoped, a surplus of products or you simply want to clear out bin ends, running a flash sale is a great way to activate sales.

The main goals of a flash sale are to encourage online shoppers to impulse buy and to increase short-term sales.

Stock tied up = $ tied up


Our Top 10 tips to create a great flash sale:

1. Include website coupon codes or discounts. Be upfront about the $ or % discount. 

2. Offer fast and free delivery. Your customer will love you for this.

3. Don’t run your flash sale for too long, it’s for a limited time.

4. Create urgency and FOMO (fear-of-missing-out).  E.g. “Limited stock don’t miss out” or “48 hours only”

5. Share your promotion across social media channels and with friends.

6. Direct market your promotion to your existing customers or subscribers via a newsletter.

7. Punchy graphics help, people are visual, so be sure to include at least one image with your promotion.

8. Use a catchy subject line, include the discount or sale expiry.   E.g. “Get 30% of all 6 packs today only”

9. Include your contact details so people can order by phone or email.

10. Keep the copy details short and sweet.