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Click, Convert: Kick your wine sales up a notch

We recently talked about how you can transform the foot traffic coming through your tasting room into a tribe of brand advocates. Next up, let’s discuss strategies and tools you can take advantage of to convert online visitors to buyers. Here are ways to scale up your online sales game.


Provide Valuable Content

When customers visit your website, your goal is to keep them reading. In fact, according to Hubspot, you have less than 15 seconds to capture your audience’s attention. This is where powerful and engaging content comes in.

Learn about your customers’ needs and wants and provide relevant information that addresses their questions and concerns. Depending on your target audience, not everyone may be an expert in choosing the right bottle. Include a blog on your page that educates people on the various types of wines, food pairings and special occasion bottles.

Instead of just straightforward tasting and technical notes, try evoking emotions in your wine descriptions. A well-written product listing that tickles all the senses get people excited and make them willing to pay more.


Maximise Sales Through Promotions

Consider promoting related products you have such as cheese, chocolate, gift cards and wine bundles and adding a recommendation section under your product listings. You can also entice customers with free delivery and gift offers by setting a minimum purchase.

These encourage shoppers to explore new bottles and spend more. It’s also a good opportunity to highlight your bestsellers or new products to drive sales up.

The key is to make buyers feel they’re getting more value than what they’re paying for so keep this in mind when thinking of offers.

If the buyer is a repeat customer, you can also personalise recommendations based on previously bought bottles or past actions taken on your website. The more data you gather about customers, the more you can provide them with individualised options that lead to an enjoyable shopping experience.

Display Star Ratings and Reviews

When deciding on a purchase, most customers look to reviews before hitting the “pay” button. These days, reviews can come from journalists, wine enthusiasts and experts, influencers and even, regular everyday consumers through the help of apps such as Vivino.

Aggregate reviews from reputable companies and individuals and showcase them on your page. This lends credibility to your products, giving shoppers the confidence that they made the right choice.

While negative reviews are unavoidable, you can choose to bury them at the bottom of the page. You may be tempted to remove unpleasant reviews but it’s best to respond to them politely. A brand that handles criticisms well is usually highly regarded by consumers.

Utilise Other Platforms

Consumers are looking for easy, convenient and quick transactions. Apart from your website, there are other ways to reach more people online. Top social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, for example, have recently introduced Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping where people can buy directly from the apps.

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