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How to do Valentine’s Day winery style

In true blue V-Day style, couples will be looking to celebrate their love by wining & dining each other at a gorgeous winery or restaurant. As February 14 quickly approaches, we know that winemakers and restaurateurs are trying to create the perfect Valentine’s Day experience for their patrons and possibly wondering about some of these questions:

  • Will my venue book out? 
  • Did I design the right menu? 
  • Will my wine offerings work well? 
  • Do I have the right kind of decor? 

Fear not, we’re here to help! We’ve put together our top 7 Tips to help you plan a successful Valentine’s Day and design an unforgettable experience for your guests. 

Tip #1

This is an obvious one but often overlooked. Make. A. Plan. 

Have an action plan, even an itinerary, established well before the date and give your guests an intriguing, exciting sneak peek of what to expect via your social media. 

You could also send out last-minute reminders for your V-Day specials via email or text, whichever is best suited to your business and clientele.

Tip #2

Love is felt in the stomach! Let your imagination run wild, try to create unique and mouth-watering food and wine pairings. 

Of course, aphrodisiac combinations such as succulent prawns and a Riesling are classic but there’s also an opportunity to get creative! 

Consider incorporating Instagrammable food art or unique specials designed for two. If you want to go the extra mile, you could consider offering an exclusive set menu of 3 or 5 courses on the day.

Tip #3

Visuals are everything. Visitors expect to see aesthetically pleasing, Insta-friendly decor as they explore your venue. 

You may be unable to decorate your entire space, in which case you could consider installing a photo wall or flower ark so that your guests have a beautiful place to capture memorable moments. 

To ensure a positive experience for everyone, request your team to be prepared to take photos and share some basic tips on how to capture a good picture (i.e. the rule of thirds), if need be. 

You could alternatively book a professional photographer to capture candid photographs of your patrons at your venue.

Tip #4

The devil is definitely in the details. People love a special surprise touch. Think complimentary appetizers and gorgeous gourmet chocolates, a glass of bubbly on arrival, a wine tasting discount or even a lottery with different prizes could be a huge hit!

Tip #5

Be prepared to sell! Ensure your team exudes confidence with a strong knowledge of each menu element. 

It might also help to provide training on upselling and cross-promotion techniques, as well as food and wine pairings.

Beautiful takeaway bundles like a Valentine’s Day picnic basket featuring some wines, local cheeses, gourmet chocolates and other nibbles could be the perfect option for guests who arrive at your at-capacity winery without a booking and want to taste your wines.

Tip #6

Add a meaningful touch to the celebrations by partnering with a charity. Maybe you already have a preferred charity, however if not, be purposeful with your choice and channel your business’ core values to ensure the organisation you select marries well with your ethos. 

This is your opportunity to get creative and celebrate love with your guests. For example, you could craft a special wine list for Valentine’s Day with its proceeds to be donated to your chosen organisation.

Tip #7

Utilise social media for your announcements, Valentine’s giveaways, contests and challenges. Motivate your followers to participate by offering exciting gifts. 

Creating a unique hashtag to collect data to analyse afterwards will give you a good idea of what customers most enjoyed about your offerings and winery this year.

Considering the massive hump the wine and hospitality industry have experienced in the past year alone we hope that you have a successful Valentine’s. Spreading love as always, we wish all the best! Happy Valentine’s Day and let your drinks flow!