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The F&B Revolution: Embracing Technology

Advanced innovations are enabling hospitality businesses to thrive in today’s connected yet contactless world, allowing restaurants to accelerate their growth.

The restaurant industry is traditionally slow in adopting technology, preferring to steer clear of extra expenses and complex solutions. However, recent years and lockdowns have forced food businesses to reinvent themselves to remain relevant and competitive. 

Advanced innovations are enabling hospitality businesses to thrive in today’s connected yet contactless world. This new reality allows restaurants to explore emerging digital trends and accelerate their growth.

Here are a few ways how technology is transforming the food and beverage industry for the better and helping your customers and your revenues.


Improve Quality and Safety

With the pandemic still looming over us, most establishments already have QR codes for registration and contact tracing while others have taken the extra step by investing in air purification systems. 

New innovative solutions can also enhance your food and beverage quality and safety. Different types of temperature monitors are available to avoid food contamination and waste and cut down your costs. 

If you’re serving premium and luxury wines, you need to store them properly to maintain their flavour and aroma. Commercial wine temperature monitors and refrigerated drawers are good purchases to please demanding customers and wine connoisseurs. 

Simplify Business Operations

Simplify Business Operations

Running a food business means juggling multiple responsibilities. It’s essential to be on top of everything to avoid losses and ensure success. So how do you do this with a small team? 

A robust restaurant management system streamlines your operations. Ideally, your chosen software integrates various functions such as table reservation system, order management, employee management and finance and accounting.

Managing supplies is also critical. You need to have a range of reliable suppliers and an inventory system that monitors stock and automate orders. There are a few products that can do this including WINEDEPOT MARKET, the world’s first full-service vineyard to venue online platform. 

It connects you to alcohol suppliers across Australia, New Zealand and Europe, providing you access to thousands of beverages. It also simplifies the process by empowering you to restock in 60 seconds with one invoice and delivery schedule and offering easy and convenient payment options.


Upgrade Customer Experience

A well-curated menu and a properly trained staff contribute to the customer’s overall dining experience but so does technology. 

These days, people are all about speed and convenience. Depending on the type of venue you have, an online menu where customers can order and pay without ever having to talk to someone or leave the table helps you make money and save on costs. 

The pandemic also triggered behavioural changes in the way people get food now, making online ordering apps a standard for every food business. Make sure you’re signed up to all the delivery apps and find ways on how you can stand out. 

Is your food best eaten hot? Include some heating instructions in the bag. Do you have several options on your menu? Ask your customers to mix and match their own meal. Serving cocktails in your pub? Offer fun make-your-own kits for delivery.

Leverage Customer Data

Leverage Customer Data

There’s no doubt that social media is a powerful marketing platform, but it’s also full of valuable market intelligence that lets you identify, understand and serve your customers better. 

Listening to your target audience’s online conversations gives you the opportunity to adjust your strategies and discover new trends.

For example, there is a growing need for healthier food options driven by the younger generations. If you’re looking to reach out to this audience, you can fill the gap in the market by offering a new lighter menu or adding low-calorie wines to your beverage list. 

Another way of harnessing the power of social media is using it for customer support. Monitoring tags and brand mentions leads to a better understanding of customer sentiment so you can address feedback promptly, avoid potential issues and build customer loyalty.

On any given day, several things are happening all at once in a venue and embracing technology allows you to spend more time focusing on what’s important—serving great food and making your customers happy.