Improve your customer delivery experience by leveraging our simple, fast and cost effective fulfillment solution.

How it works

We operate a network of strategically located depots servicing key markets, supported by bulk storage centres.

  • Customers select the depots they wish to use.
  • Inventory is placed on consignment into those depots.
  • Orders are routed to the depot closest to the delivery address. The depot picks, packs (by bottle or case) and ships the order.
  • Delivery tracking, notifications and POD’s are managed via our platform.
  • Depots are replenished directly or via our bulk storage centres.
  • Simply use our platform to manage your logistics, inventory and orders.

Channels serviced include

DTC Orders

Cellar door, website, mailing list, wine club, outbound & inbound phone sales.

3rd Party Orders

Online retailers, DTC marketplaces, consumer tastings, events.