Our specialised trading platform connects buyers and sellers, with the support of a simple, fast and flexible logistics solution.

How it works

Our trading floor provides producers, distributors, importers and retailers with the ability to offer their products for sale across a broad range of sales channels.


  • Select which products you wish to range and upload the details.
  • Select which sales channels you want to utilise.
  • Agree the supply terms

Fully Automatic

Any orders received are then automatically processed and delivered. Invoices are instantaneously generated, and payments remitted to your account.

Trade buyers benefit from the ability to browse products across a broad range of suppliers and have them swiftly delivered as a unified package.

Our nimble platform makes buying and selling easy with:

Express Accounts

Establish new supplier accounts in minutes.

Single Invoice

Purchases are consolidated under a single invoice.

Accurate Data

Reliable inventory information reduces out-of-stock issues.

Easy Ordering

Upload purchase orders manually or via software integrations.

Simple Payments

Automate invoice reconciliation and scheduling of payments.

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