We offer a platform that allows you to:

  • Get your products out there;
  • Spearhead the distribution of your creations, from cellar door, to online forums and directly into the hands of customers;
  • Work hand-in-hand with distributors and third party retailers in marketing your offering;
  • Jump on board with technological advances that allow for substantial growth; and
  • See your labour-of-love succeed in a competitive and burgeoning market.

Our Logistics Solution

Our Logistics solution allows you to nimbly service, support and scale your DTC and trade sales channels with:

  • Next day, same day, on-demand, weekend and after-hours services
  • Ability to pick and pack by the bottle
  • Bulk case kitting for wine club and mailing list orders
  • Branded boxes and gift packaging
  • Returns management
  • Ability to drop-ship orders from 3rd party sales channels

Our Order Manager

Our Order Manager reduces administration and simplifies inventory management. It can also seamlessly connect you other software systems, streamlining data flow and further cutting administrative burden.

Our B2B Marketplace

Our online trade platform exposes your brand and products to a wide range of sales channels, with a few simple clicks.

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