Holidays / Events

Public Holidays & Events

Promotional and seasonal campaigns are a great way to increase your brand awareness and sales.

WINEDEPOT can help you put together a successful campaign based on your requirements. We can also cater for any special kitting requirements;  for example mixed cases, promotional inserts, merchandise and packaging.

We’ve put together a short list of upcoming wine holidays along with other holidays for you to mark in your calendar.

Event Date Event
14th of February Valentine’s Day
10th of March International Women’s Day
17th of March Click Frenzy
10th – 14th of April Easter
10th of May Mother’s Day
8th of June Queen’s Birthday
25th of July Christmas in July
Event Date Event
6th of September Father’s Day
31st of October Halloween
27th of November Black Friday
30th of November Cyber Monday
25th of December Christmas
26th of December Boxing Day

Wine Holidays

May 2020:

Event Date Event 
1st of May International Sauvignon Blanc Day
9th of May World Moscato Day
21st of May International Chardonnay Day


June 2020:

Event Date Event
21st of June Lambrusco Day
26th of June International Rosé Day