Wine Depot


With WINEDEPOT, I can download orders any time of the day on my phone, knowing they’ll be fulfilled the very next day. You’re also not paying an exorbitant price to have wine sitting in their warehouse, like other storage solutions.

Marty Edwards

Director, Silver Lining Wines

With the growth in direct-to-consumer, it became quite a labour-intensive operation getting our orders out and we thought our resources would be better utilised if we could outsource that component of the business. We thought it was a better carbon footprint as well, rather than our wine being stored in Adelaide then shipped back to Coonawarra before being shipped out to the customer.

Nicole Reschke

Director and Chief Financial Officer, Koonara Wines

One day we got 69 orders that we had to fulfil within the week, so we were able to just deliver a couple of pallets to Sydney and WINEDEPOT took care of everything for us. For metro deliveries, they’ve been very quick and the process of uploading orders has been really simple.

Jill Bynon

Co-owner, Corang Estate Wines

We wanted to partner with someone who can manage the logistics of sending out all the mass orders, which was previously being done in-house. WINEDEPOT makes things easier for us to manage. We’re working on orders going straight into WINEDEPOT, so instead of us having to key in orders individually, they will go straight into their system. So, in terms of efficiencies, from when people order to when they receive their goods, it will be a really short turnaround.

Peter Papathanasiou

Sales and Marketing Manager, Golding Wines

For four years now we’ve been locked out. With Wine Depot we have every chance to succeed as much as the big guys. We tried online, but orders took several weeks. Going to the store has been the only last-minute option, which has been a limitation of the whole industry. That’s why WINEDEPOT is probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in Australian Alcohol.

Marko Pavasovic

Co-founder and CEO, Vodka+

If I’m in China or the UK and have orders flowing in, I can easily log on to WINEDEPOT’S system, upload orders from a hotel room on the other side of the globe at night and know everything will be taken care of. As a one-man band and small business wearing many hats, that offer was very attractive.” 

Matt Herde

Director, Rogue Vintner

We’re a small, family-run winery that sells mainly direct to people’s homes and the longstanding issue in Australia has been that it’s very hard for a small winery like us to coordinate a system that was able to improve upon on the base delivery window that Australia Post gave and the rates that go standard with it. This is at the core of what WINEDEPOT are trying to solve and that’s why we’ve come on board.

Matteo Grilli

General Manager, Primo Estate

It was just by chance I stumbled across WINEDEPOT and looking at the website it appeared to solve a lot of the issues we were facing. One of our challenges has been getting people to commit to ordering a 6-bottle pack which was previously our minimum order. We wanted to reduce that commitment for people who perhaps haven’t tried our wines before, so with WINEDEPOT the fact that we can do three-bottle packs or process single bottle orders was very appealing.

Justin Bubb

Founder, Babo Wines

Our previous logistics partner was very expensive and it was hard to stay competitive in the market. I was looking for an alternative with lower costs and fewer errors. Ron took me through a demo of the system and I found it was really convenient. All I had to do was ship my wine to their warehouse and when an order comes through, I can quickly submit it online then sit back while someone else takes care of all the packaging and delivery for me. It’s very convenient for a B2B or B2C business model.

Kevin Liu

Co-director, Ubertas Wines

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