Wine Depot

WINEDEPOT is officially climate neutral

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT has obtained official climate neutral status from Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA), an organization that is leveraging leaders of businesses within the international digital community to achieve their vision of developing a global economy without greenhouse emissions, powered by 100% renewable energies by 2050.

Getting behind this initiative, WINEDEPOT Founder and CEO Dean Taylor has become a member of LFCA, joining a growing list of well-known and highly respected digital entrepreneurs making both a personal and entrepreneurial commitment to reduce their current carbon footprint and offset any existing emissions by contributing to a carbon capturing project

As part of the corporate commitment, DW8’s CFO Matthew Johnson has been appointed as the company’s Climate Officer and will oversee the measurement and reduction of the organisation’s carbon footprint. More details about LFCA can be found on their website.