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WINEDEPOT leverages technology to onboard Bibendum buyers

Winedepot technology

Conscious of the need to simplify the onboarding process for the thousands of trade buyers introduced through the Bibendum partnership, the parties have agreed to develop a technical integration between their respective IT systems that allows new customer accounts to be opened with just one or two clicks.

While this additional development work will mean the Bibendum partnership won’t commence until late April, Digital Wines CEO Dean Taylor believes that the benefits in reducing friction in the onboarding process will be well repaid and easily offset by the higher-than-expected customer numbers available to the business from day one.

“While we will go ahead with the planned ‘soft’ launch of MARKET in late March, access will be initially restricted to a very small group of buyers who will be given the task of trying to break the system. Only once we are satisfied our ecommerce site, enabling technology systems and supporting logistics infrastructure is robust enough for rapid scaling, will we start inviting customers onto the platform one market at a time.”

“Subject to the status of COVID-19 restrictions at the time, Sydney will most likely be the first major market we service followed fairly quickly by Melbourne. We know that we can provide a guaranteed next day delivery service for orders into both of those markets, so it makes sense to start there first.”

“While this might be a little frustrating for buyers in some markets, we want to make absolutely sure that the end-to-end experience we provide doesn’t disappoint. We took the same approach with the launch of our logistics solution and it paid off for us in the end.”