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WINEDEPOT LOGISTICS sets new record shipping over 213,000 cases

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The Company is pleased to advise that WINEDEPOT shipped a total of 213,159 cases in Q1 FY2022 up 289% QoQ. This was on the back of 72,920 orders in Q1 FY2022 up 117% on Q1 FY2021 total of 33,489 increasing the average number of cases shipped per order to 2.92 in line with previous guidance. The acquisition of Parton Wine Distribution was a key contributor to the lift in orders processed & cases shipped during the quarter.


Current run rate (based on FY2022 Q1 Proforma annualisation):

  • 1,250,000+ cases shipped per year
  • 51,750+ pallets shipper per year 
  • 14,500+ kegs shipped per year


Q4 Logistics Graph

FY22 Q1 shows our actual results with Parton’s numbers being included from the 9 August 2021 completion date.
FY22 Q1 Proforma includes Parton’s numbers for the full quarter and provides a more accurate depiction of the
company’s underlying performance going forward