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WINEDEPOT dominates within McLaren Vale

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT has welcomed a total of 16 new customers since the last update, with 7 of those being McLaren Vale based wineries. This takes the total number of customers now serviced in McLaren to 65 of the estimated 74 cellar doors and 160 vineyards in the region.

CEO Dean Taylor is extremely pleased with the level of penetration that WINEDEPOT has developed in that region, stating “McLaren Vale is a prime example of how word of mouth, positive testimonials and customer referrals have helped us develop a dominating market share in a very short amount of time.” 

“I expect to see our penetration levels in other markets and regions ramp up too, as the grassroots efforts that we’ve made building relationships with regional icons start to pay similar dividends.”

Taylor went on to explain that the number of new customers was relatively subdued in December as potential customers focused their attention on maximising sales and avoided making substantial changes to their fulfilment networks over the busy seasonal period. 

New customers include:

Australian wine producers:  

International producers: